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Living in a Land of Helping Hands

Living in a Land of Helping Hands

It’s times like this that make you proud to be part of the Oneonta area community.

The rapid need to drastically change our lives and hunker down in order to protect others and ourselves from the COVID-19 virus could have resulted in emotional isolation as well.

But not here.

We are still a community and that means even in these uncertain times, our first reaction is to reach out and care for each another.

Just about a week ago, Oliver Clark, Julie Dostle, and Elayne Mosher Campoli saw the pending need and they jumped into action.

Meeting online, they began the task of soliciting information for the creation a Google Doc that could address a range of needs…everything from providing the latest accurate, vetted health information, sharing information about local feeding programs, online resources to help parents with home-schooling, delivery services and crisis management are just a few of the many issues being addressed.

Before long, more community members joined in with ideas and support. And with that, because this IS a caring community, more links are being added for opportunities for everyone who would like to volunteer.

Here is the link to this incredible resource.

– BH